Miss Fond du Lac Contestant Info

Time line:

Recruitment Meetings

Informational meetings will be scheduled soon for 2014...

Contestant Deadlines




Production Number


Dress Rehearsal for Pageant







Other Deadlines



Please register on Miss America 4 Kids for Children’s Miracle Network. There is a minimum requirement of $100 to participate in the pageant.

For the fact sheet and platform page you may retype them to your information please send a rough draft to the contact@missfonddulac.org when you have it complete.

Please send a head shot for the program book to the above email address and if you do not have one available we have a photographer that will be able to take your picture please let me know and we will make the arrangements. Talent selections should be sent ASAP and should be cut to the 90 second requirements.

You have the opportunity to have family and friends put “Happy Ads” in our program book I have included the form. Each box is ten dollars and if you fill an entire page you will receive $50 dollars cash. You may also buy a page in the program book for $30, you can have your picture on the page or any advertisement that you wish. Any questions just ask.

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